copy_of_m_tmop_1Makers and converters of all types of Abrasive polishing products and polishing mops for Home and Export markets.

Sisal Polishing Wheels 
Cord sisal mops
Stitched Cotton polishing Wheels
Abrasive lap mops
Abrasive Polishing Compounds also bovine free
Surface Conditioning Belts
Flap disc
Flap wheels with wood centres
Abrasive compact wheels
Contact wheels
Powder coating strippers
Deburring wheels
                                                          Nano finishing products

tel 087-2554493


Tel 087-2554493

Our web shop is a quik easy way to purchase small items, all goods will be sent by fastway ltd, payment is by paypal or credit card using the paypal link. Anything not list please call us and the item can be listed.

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